Friday, 21 September 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Toby Stephens

Husband clued me into this week's Hot Ginger. I had seen the face before but did not know the name.

Toby is an English stage, television and film actor who was once asked to become the next Bond. Considering how people reacted to casting the blond Daniel Craig, see Toby's own reaction after all the hubbub, "Can you imagine if they'd given it to a ginger? There'd be assignation plots".  Well I am sure we wouldn't mind Toby.

Toby does a lot of TV in the UK and was actually in one of the bond movies too. He's also the son of the Dowager Countess herself Dame Maggie Smith, so look at that for thespian routes.

You can see him currently shaking his ginger locks on the BBC series Vexed.



  1. haven't heard of him but he is a cutie

  2. MMMMM cutie indeed (no idea who he is either) :) happy Friday GBM. Have an awesome weekend!

  3. GBM:

    Ginger be gorgeous
    Ginger be HOT
    Ginger be firing
    Deep in my SLOT

    Waxing 'n waning
    Fuming to spout
    Holds IT 'n holds IT; curling his TOES
    Rooted in place; he grows as he BLOWS

    This is my story of a hot summer's night
    When a rooster in red was found in my bed
    We grappled and fought to see who'd be KING
    Wouldn't ya know, I showed 'im my ring
    Cocking his doodle, a ruckus was made
    In through my out, to rest I was laid

    ;o~ Rafa

    1. Rafa your gift of prose makes all the rude things you say sound so eloquent. Naughty and nice

  4. I've seen him in lots of things, but had no idea he was Dame Maggie's son!
    I just found your blog after reading your comment on Becca's blog.
    I am totally enjoying reading your old posts!

    1. Thanks QH, I hope you are enjoying what you are reading :-D

  5. YES! The world needs to know that hot gingers DO, in fact, exist. Suck it world!

    1. See this woman gets it, thats why I started this regular post. Ta v much VV

  6. Niiiiice..have you ever put Rupert Grint up? He is a hot hot hottie:)

    1. haven't done Grinty yet, been saving him and also waiting for him to grow up and it be little less creepy, maybe it is time