Monday, 24 September 2012

Guest Post: Blog Bomb: Plugging out

This shit be happening!

Myself and my housemates are saying goodbye to electricity and electronics (on our own time and outside of work) from midnight tonight til Friday midnight.. This will involve light and heat, including hot water; phones and computers and anything you pretty much need to plug in.

No music, aagh!

All the oul lads in the pub, ever, always often say the
like of 'Back in my day.. when I was a young lad.. Sure I
had no toys! I made me own fun outta a stick and
an ol' pot.. Sure we didn't have a toilet 'til 1994''.

Cannot wait to see how it goes :)

Hopefully we can start a mini movement.

Anyway, I'll not be contactable unless I bump into people the old fashion way.. aggressively and by chance.


I blame the equinox!

BB xxo


  1. That is an interesting experiment. The hardest part has to be the hot water. Best of luck to you and your roommates!

  2. Good luck. This should lead to some interesting post for me to read.

  3. Yes let's all cheer Blog Bomb on, this is a truly fascinating experiment and I love the idea of it. I can't wait for the follow up post.

    Love you loads missy and best of luck :-D