Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Check this Out: Music: Leave Tonight by Neurotic Wreck

As you all know I occasionally bombard you all with my music suggestions (though at times I sometimes think you all wish I wouldn't, he he), well I just wanted to share Neurotic Wreck (aka Dan Wreck) with you all but you should know that this time it's a little different.

Dan is not signed, he does not have a record company throwing money at him to create videos and promote his music, he is a mostly unknown music producer from St Helens who more than anything loves music and creating it. He contacted me out of the blue after seeing some of my music posts and asked me to listen to his free mini album 'Leave Tonight' (find link here to download or listen for yourself).

I was blown away, I couldn't believe that this was made in someone's bedroom first off and amazed (even a little jealous) at how raw and talented this young guy is but chuffed to bits that he thought my Blog could be a good forum to promote his music.

The track that stood out for me personally is the second track 'Night Moves', I found it burrows into your head and gets stuck on repeat, great hooks and I particularly like the lyrics and sample from the movie 'Vertigo'. I asked Dan to post this song on Youtube so I could link direct on my Blog so here you guys go.

Other tracks I particularly like are 'Tear Tape', 'Someone New' and 'Without You'. I only ask if you like the sound of it to download his mixtape and share, even if it is not your cup of tea but think you might know someone who might like it, please do send it their way and share with your followers and friends.

You will find him on Bandcamp where you can download and listen to 'Leave Tonight' and Dan is also  on Blogger, Tumblr and Twitter.

Listen. Like? Share, share, share.



  1. I love new artist that are Independent will go listen and download thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks to you for checking him out, much appreciated

  2. Love it! :) Will def spread the word!

    1. Great thanks you so much HMB and I am sure Dan will appreciate it too