Thursday, 7 March 2013

I'm Moving Fashion Forward

Hey guys, so recently I moved to a new job and new company. I'm now working in the thrilling world of fashion retail and as such I've decided to start dressing the part. No more sweats and hoodies for me, now baby needs to look fabulous. So for my third day on the job I decided to break out an outfit that I thought showcased my ability to color-block (yes, GBM is down with the lingo). I decided to finish it all off with these beautiful black Clark brogues which I laced up with some turquoise laces, this seasons must have fashion trend for men, don't ya know (or at least that's what Husband tells me). 

Thing is though, while my brogues are over two years old, because of laziness and maybe due my prior mindset of avoiding fashion if it makes me uncomfortable, I never actually managed to break them in. So when the day ended my poor little ankles look like this (Warning: If you don't like feet or loose skin avert your eyes!).

No one told me that being fabulous would hurt so much :-(



  1. Aw, poor baby. But looking fabulous, most definitely hurts!

    When I worked in Public Relations I always wanted to enter in a room ready to turn heads, looking powerful, smart and overall fabulous- As you know, for a woman, this requires a great pair of heels. Needless to say, my poor feet have never recovered. (I'll spare you the pictures and details). But I will say this, every time I go for a pedicure now, I feel the need to apologize profusely (and tip really well) to whomever must touch my ugly, jacked up feet :)

  2. Ick! The warning came too late! It came too laaaaaate! The colorful laces are a great touch. You know, there are these gel ankle protectors that stick to the shoe that'll save you the anguish.

  3. Ooh poor GBM! I have recently started a new job also and the first whole week my feet looked like that.

  4. aw poor guy they say beauty hurts guess you proved that.

  5. Sad to say that is nowhere near as big a blister as I got from walking around Bangkok in new shoes, I just about took all the skin off my little toes.
    Bandaids, you need bandaids on your heels where the shoes rub.
    Old fashioned way to soften the leather, Velvet soap.
    Generations of women know all about pain caused by looking fabulous.
    You just grin and bare it and bitch about it when you get home.
    Get that wonderful man of yours to massage those poor sore feet
    Big hugs

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  7. Congrats on the new job. aww on the blister.