Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hot Ginger of the Week: Jane Levy

This is another Hot Ginger I worried might be a little to young, I mean she does play a 16 year old on TV. Yet in true Hollywood style, the internet returns our darling redhead's actual age of 23. Yup she's a lot older than you thought, eh?

Best known for playing lead character Tessa Altman in the hilarious Suburgatory, Jane is the epitome of cuteness.

Not for long tho as she's about to crop up this year on the silver screen playing Mia in the remake of Evil Dead. Early screenings point to a terrifying movie indeed and fans of the original will know what I mean when I say it's Jane's character who is taken advantage of by a usually inanimate piece of nature. Ew.

Till the movie is released we can enjoy her in her weekly and more adorable role on TV.