Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Go Home Weather, you're Drunk

Spring has unsprung! That's the second time I've been lulled into a false sense of security. Fool me once Switzerland, shame on you. Fool me twice and I get frostbite.

It would seem that this seems to be happening all over Europe at the moment so not so bad. Though I'm kinda done with winter. I long for swimming in the rivers and lake again. Oh well, all good things eh....



  1. Our east coast keeps getting this too. Makes me glad that CA has easy winters...typically.

  2. Yeah, it's happening in the states too. My guess is that Mother Nature is finally done with humanity's bullsh*t and is giving us a warning to cut it out with the pollution. But that's the tree hugging hippie in me.

  3. Same here! Turns out the ground hog has a sick sense of humor, sorry little furry bastard. They better fire his arse for this one ;) Stay warm GBM!

  4. same here in FL we got a cold spell

  5. I'm so over winter!! Bring on the cute sandals, sunshine and *coughs* natural highlights in my hair :)

  6. GBM:
    Spring has sprung
    I swear it has
    Regardless of the cold
    His smile is sweet sunshine
    His manly warmth a promise
    For summer's heat to come
    All that's left to do
    Is shuck my too tight whities
    Bask in amber glow
    For Spring has sprung
    I swear it has
    If only in my loins