Friday, 4 January 2013

Where to go from Here?

I'm at a loss for words, a loss for words to fill this wee Blog of mine with. I honestly don't know what to do or how to proceed with this, with Ginger Blog Man any more.

My Blog was a place for me to come to be happy-go-lucky, to be silly and write funny stories about my integration to Swiss society. Yet now that I'm here, now integrated, I feel that continuing this tone is not an accurate representation of who I am any more. Life has really and truly has caught back up to me after my sabbatical in all its wondrous and difficult glory. My time is limited and I want to utilise it to the best of my ability. I know I want to continue to write because that is what I love but I am beginning to wonder if this Blog in it's current form is the right fit for me now.

Born from a desire to change my career direction and gain some hands on experience of this social online world, I created GBM almost 9 months ago and the decisions made about how I promoted it and who I allowed access just don't seem to fit anymore. I crave anonymity, crave the shadows so I can write my truth, the happy, the sad, the fears, the love, the anxiety. With great pain comes great creativity and my creative juices have been flowing lately.

Trouble is I am not sure what I want, if I am looking for a forum to write about any anxiety I am feeling, does it make more sense to keep a diary rather than air it publicly for all to read? This then brings me back to the issue of time again, I have less free time than I use to and time is so precious to me at the moment (though you wouldn't know that from seeing me laze about the house during the Christmas holiday period). With time being so precious I've been truly internalising what exactly I love to write about and when I genuinely walk away from a post feeling quite proud. Music is always what comes out on top, I really feel like I have something to say, something eloquent when I touch on this beloved subject matter. Do I focus on this then?

Then there's the problem of letting go, I am really proud of this Blog and I don't just want it to disappear either. If anything it is a collection of my memories, my accomplishments and the space I met so many great and wonderful people. My fellow Bloggers, my Blog friends, coming into this world I really and truly did not expect to be so pleasantly surprised by this thing called the Blogosphere. When deciding to be quite open about my sexuality when writing online, I initially began to wonder if I would experience any form of hate because of my openness. Truth is, in my 9 months I never experienced one negative comment but what surprised me and what I did not expect was how much love and encouragement there was out here in this little online world. All of you guys have truly made this experience for me and I just wanted to thank you all, for sharing your worlds with me and for joining me, on my ride.

So I guess, I am still undecided at the moment. A lot to give up, if I do leave this world or start from scratch. Blog friends, Becca, Mynx, Pikelope, J. Day, Hey There Monkey Butt and all the rest of you guys, if you have any advise or thoughts I would really appreciate it at the moment. If any of you have been through something similar please, send me an email. I think it would really help me figure out where exactly I should go from here.

Thanks a mill guys.



  1. Blogging can be whatever you want it to be. You don't have to stick to your original mission statement as it sounds like you still are looking for a writing outlet. There's probably still a wellspring of quirky Swiss traditions and social queues you could write about.
    Hopefully you don't quit, but hey, it's your blog, do with it as you please.

  2. I am a newer follower, who just came to find your awesomeness a few months ago.. but I have to say I would be very sad to see you go! I love GBM.

    You have a talent for writing and I agree with Pickleope, I would hate to see you quit something you love to do. But don't feel obligated to stick to one format. I know plenty of bloggers who have changed it up and it only added appeal to their blogs, if you ask me. But you must feel comfortable with what your willing to share and put out there.

    I wish you all the best, and will keep my fingers crossed that we will continue to see your posts. I hope you can find some way to continue- without compromising your time and talents. xo

  3. I say warp it and change it and tweak it to the best that you can/want to. That's my favorite part about my blogging life, I can just blog whatever, because it's mine all mine .I don't want to see you gone from the blogosphere either. Good luck in your decision making, you know me, I'm gonna be hanging around! :))

  4. Sent you an email my sweet. :)
    Might want to make a cuppa, it is a bit of a long one.

  5. Blogs change as we change. My blog isn't the same as when I started a little over two years ago. It's whatever we need or want it to be. Even if you only have time to post once or twice a week, to share with us what's new, what's not new, whatever. I've never really announced any changes on my blog, other than when I've moved to try to find something that made me happy.

    I hope that you continue blogging, I enjoy reading it, even if I can't always comment. But in the end, it's your choice as to what you want to do.

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  7. Hey,
    I understand you dilemma, I also have struggled to keep updating my blog since the topic has completely changed since i moved from paris.
    While I really enjoy writing I like to treat my blog like a online portfolio at times, the casual style of your blog is great but would you consider using it more as a tool to help you with your career? a popular blog is very impressive and I would love to see more restaurant reviews, gig reviews, band reviews, random event reviews anything, or treat it like a place to share travel tips with people coming to Zurich. With your great writing style and sharp wit they would be very popular. some of my most successful post are ones that give information and advice. You can also then share these posts to other websites and get an even bigger audience.
    Sorry to give such a perfunctory response, I don't think you should sell out as such. I just want you to get more appreciation for your talent, especially if you want to build a career out of it. I already mentioned a few websites here in zurich that I am pretty sure you could easily submit things to, and would love to chat about it more on Wednesday.
    Also as long as you are not speaking zurideutsch still you are still not integrated ;)
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. My advice is do what is right for you and just be you. The beauty of blogging is there is no rules. your blog can be whatever you want it to be. For me my blog changed after almost shutting down due to family issues now anything outside of my thoughts and post about my son I don't I don't write for fear of rocking an already unstable boat but doesn't mean I don't channel those feelings into my poetry. I guess what i'm saying is this is your place, your blog so make it what you want it to be a place that you feel comfortable with. Oh and know whatever you decide i'm with you 100% you have my support just if you leave don't forget me. XOXO