Friday, 11 January 2013

Oh Joyous Love of Joy

What was I thinking with my previous post? Why sure as long as I love things with absolute boyish wonderment then there will always be a place for GBM in my life and my writing. Thanks to all my Blog friends for the lovely comments and help whilst I had my mid-blog-life breakdown, especially my Fairy Blog Mother, Mynx for her truly inspiring email. Much appreciated.

GBM will be going through a redesign and I plan to come back stronger than ever and even resurrect my Hot Ginger of the Week section and maybe throw in a few new ones.

So I found this song on the net and that's what made me realise that I don't need to walk away from GBM even if I was feeling I wanted to write about different things. I love this song, love love love it. I love the video, it's fantastic, shot in Iceland, oh my god wow. The styling is amazing, some kind of hipster meets pikey fashion statement, oh feels so right to me. An that up skirt shot just as a plane flys overhead, Wowsers!

A fantastic video and song from an emerging new talent. Here's hoping she will follow through with a great album. I am counting down the days.



  1. Yay! I am glad you are continuing to blog.

  2. woohoo so happy you are staying see here is my happy butt dance


  3. Inspiring? And I thought I was going for "big kick in the butt for even considering leaving us"

    So glad you have come to your senses my sweet and ANY time you need to talk to ol Aunty Mynx, you just drop me a line.

    Big hugs

  4. So glad you're going to continue blogging! And Mynx is a tough cookie - glad she convinced you we can't live without ya! ;o)

    FYI my blog URL has changed, if you need to update your blog reader.

  5. Woot! woot! So happy to hear GBM will roll on!!

  6. Right on, glad you got through the mid-life blog crisis and that you're sticking around. That song isn't generally in my wheelhouse but I really liked it.