Thursday, 19 April 2012

Blog Bomb: Your third hand entertainment news, told wrong

Hello, its me! I am not he. I am a she.

So Ginger Blog Man has stupidly allowed some creative freedom to someone else on his own blog.

I am here to guest troll every so often, as and when Ginger Blog Man prompts, I feels like it, a huge global event occurs etc.

I am currently attempting to steer away from mainstream media, my current channels of interest being a paleo health blog and the WHO site. When one is undergoing such a purge of mental muck, all references to current 'entertainment' related information becomes very pointedly opinionated very swiftly due to a lack of 'information'.

I am here to talk about Danni Minnowgie and Simon Cowbell*

What a pair of dirty slags. Why did she let him into her sleeping bag (nice term, yes? I am trying to introduce it into society, apparently if it's used in another continent it becomes a part of pop culture. Why thank you Asia!). He wears very small shoes, yesh?

I think what I heard (second hand from a reliable friend) is that they held hands in a car, she got a job on his telly show, Sharon Osbourne got angry and bought 50 dogs which led to her daughter becoming a drug addict and Louis Walsh started seal clapping due to stress, a habit which he has been unable to break. Oh the humanity! Look how one single indiscretion with two single people can lead to such dire consequences. Thank god the covers of all those newspapers were able to yell that story to everyone who entered a shop on that fated monday when the story broke (was vomited onto paper?).

One must remember, in the world of media, these things never die.

Once something is committed to the interweb, it has the potential to follow one around for a life time.

Oh hello, Africa, no you cannot come into my sleeping bag. Har har har.

Trolls who play together, eat each others faces.

Blog bomb!

*Names changed to protect mine and Ginger Blog Man's identities


  1. Jaunty tone! I like!

  2. Blog Bomb this is an amazing post, I love your brain blurb