Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Greetings and Salutations

Where to start?

I'm a 20 something redheaded Irish boy currently residing in Dublin, who's about to leave it all behind; job, apartment, childhood friends, and relocate to a new country with Husband.

Husband’s promotion and relocation package sees us reposition ourselves to the Financial Services capital of Switzerland otherwise known as Zurich or as I like to call it the city that likes to empty my wallet.

The city is so money and it doesn't even know it! No but in all seriousness it does seem like an amazing place to set up shop even if my inner stickler would rather tear my hair out than pay 5 Francs (about €4.00) for a small bottle of sparkling water.

Husband assures me his new earnings will be sufficient to support us both should I not secure work over there straight away, he will be the daddy to my need for sugar, which to be honest is a very strange situation for me to be in. I've always worked; ever since I've left college so this new found level of almost parental dependence will come as a bit of a shock to the senses. It might never happen, I might even get a job before I follow him over, you never know but I am at a slight disadvantage considering my grasp of the German language leaves a lot to be desired. According to something called the European Framework I'm at level A1A, sounds great huh but think the opposite of your Leaving Cert. I think this puts me at the grading equivalent of signing my name.

The move has me absolutely terrified and exhilarated to varying degrees (I have the emotional stability of a child at Disneyland who has lost his parents).

Overall my desire to dive into the swimming pool of new adventure and experience won over my practical need for stability (giving up a job in this economy, blah blah blah). Oh yes and the other big factor in my decision making would be the that crazy little thing called love, which I will now speak no more of out of fear of making you all barf and the risk of enlarging Husbands already inflated ego to the point that his giant 'Jake Gyllenhall' head can no longer fit through the doorframe.

So I'm diving in; in to the high cost of living, to being an expat, to the land of chocolate, to learning a new language, to Lido bars, to snowboarding, to a renters market, to more money than sense, to possible joblessness and subsequent poverty, to being a house husband, to being a kept man and to finally tasting fondue.

So I guess I'm asking you to come along for the ride, I'll try to make it funny and interesting but no guarantees. I can however guarantee that I will always be a big goofy ginger Irish 'man-boy' regardless of where I call home.

Ta ta for now



  1. why are you drinking sparkling water? Dont think I like this ride. Good luck. I'll be abusing you all the way (and starting my own blog)

  2. Now that I can't wait to see, I'll be there abusing you back, cheers for being my first ever follower.

  3. hey ginger spice!

    i know this is a new blog (2 months old) .. but i think it's safe to say that it's a "great" blog.. (something that is so hard to come by these days)... i will definitely be checking up and hope you chronicle more than just your relocation.

    1. Wow this comment has really made my day (week, month, year). I'm thinking of printing it, framing it and putting it up on my wall, lol. Thank you so much and I am glad you like my Blog, I will be sure to check yours out too (bookmarked already). It's safe to say that I may be a little addicted to Blogging already so whilst only 2 months old I doubt I will be going anywhere for awhile, now if I can just figure out how to make some money off this thing then I'd be sorted. :-)

  4. Well, I'm starting at the beginning. Before I do, I need to say that I love love, and I hope you weren't serious about never mentioning it again.

    1. Thanks Chris, contrary to my first post I do actually think love does come up again.