Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Away we go

Off to Ireland for the weekend to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary. Wow so many years together. They are an inspiration. Off to some lovely hotel for the weekend and I hope I get some time to write and catch up with all my Blogger friends. I've missed your stories.

Talk soon



  1. Missed you too GBM. Hope you have an awesome weekend.
    Congratulations to your parents for achieving such a wonderful milestone anniversary.

  2. Have fun! Congratulations to your parents for 40 years. That's amazing. I think the 40th anniversary is the "pester your child for a grandchild (even if it's an adopted one)" anniversary.

  3. Wow 40yrs, congratulations to them. That's amazing.

  4. 40 years, big congrats to GBM parents! It's practically unheard of for couples to make it that long these days. Mine will be married 45 years on 12/2. My siblings and I plan on sending them to a posh B&B to celebrate.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend away!!